• Who We Are

    Bio-PhotoHow it all started
    This is a story about two young friends with a lot of great ideas and one passion – to cook

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    Our Goal
    Armed with their mothers’ recipes and skills of their own, Momma’s Boy will start it’s journey as a food truck, but we will grow far beyond that. Eventually, we plan to start our own line of sauces and unique products.

    Patrick Nedza is the cook behind the stove. As a graduate of George Brown’s Culinary Management program, Patrick has already worked in a variety of renown restaurants all across Canada. From Momofuku at home in Toronto, to Quail’s Gate Winery out in BC – he is definitely someone to watch out for.

    James Christie is the brains behind the business. He brings to the table a wide variety of experience from being an active member in the Toronto music scene, to having worked in the health, fitness, and entertainment industries – and currently the insurance marketplace. Don’t worry, he’s worked in a kitchen as well.

    Together, their teamwork will make the dream work!

    Momma’s Boy – see you on the streets!

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